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Sizes of Snakes

Snakes come in a variety of sizes. Snakes will grow throughout their life span. As they grow, they will shed the outer layer of their skin. A snake that is about to shed will have milky loooking eyes. When a snake sheds it's skin it is called moulting.

The largest is the Anaconda. The longest snake is the Reticulated Python. The smallest is the Blind Snake. The largest venomous snake is the King Cobra.



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Eunectes murinus

Native Country(s): South America
Habitat: Water, Swamps
Diet: Fish, Birds, Domesticated Animals
Size: 5–7 m
Reproduction: Live Young

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Reticulated Python

Python Reticulatus

Native Country(s): Southeast Asia
Habitat: Rain Forests, Woodlands, Grassland
Diet: Small Mammals, Birds
Size: 8.7 m
Reproduction: Lays Eggs

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Blind Snake


Native Country(s): North and South America, Africa, and Asia
Habitat: Rain Forest to Arid Areas
Diet: Larvae and Pupae of Termites and Ants
Size: 30 cm
Reproduction: Lays Eggs

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King Cobra

Ophiophagus hannah

Native Country(s): Southeast Asia and India
Habitat: Forests
Diet: Other Snakes
Size: 3.6–4 m
Reproduction: Lays Eggs